New Year – New Luck

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Photo by Dustin Humes on Unsplash

„In the new year everything will be better!“ – A year full of events and changes has come to an end. The year 2020 was characterized by changes, many of which will also be part of the year 2021. And despite all the changes one thing stays the same every year, the desire to start the new year successfully, healthy and safe.


Revolution of continuing education

2020 has shown us the possibilities of digital continuing education and training. A trend that allows us new methods to work safe and healthy from home and to educate in a digital way. At Work Safety, we are ready to make the most out of your digital occupational safety training and discover the full potential of digital work occupational safety with you through our interactive modules and learning platforms.


Work Safety – Your digital partner

Work Safety offers you and your employees the opportunity to acquire the necessary knowledge on various topics from the comfort of your own living room at home. With over 150 modules in the form of online training and SmartGames, knowledge is effectively transferred in a digital and interactive way and new year´s resolutions are turned into action. The various courses cover topics such as time management, stress management, meeting management and much more.

Through the practical examples, the employees learn, for example, to improve their skills in conducting a meeting and much more.