About us

Work Safety offers effective and innovative digital solutions to promote occupational safety and health protection at work.


Our vision is to revolutionize occupational safety and health protection through quality online training & SmartGames that combine interactivity and  teaching content


Through the digitalization of today´s world and the technological progress that have accompanied it, we have changed the way we communicate with each other and how we receive information.

With our interactive and multifarious E- Learning programs and SmartGamesabout work security topics, occupational safety and health protection topics become tangible in digital form and enable companies to offer their employees an interactive & flexible form of further training.

From conception to implementation, Work Safety guarantees that interactivity, expertise & fun create a unique user experience.

Our philosophy

Support of companies with further training in occupational safety topics.

Promotion of safety and health at work.

Prevention of occupational accidents and work-related diseases.


Through our many years of experience in the creation of       E- Learning content for companies, as well as our deep and intensive occupation with the topic of work safety, we have created an optical environment for the acquisition of the required knowledge and skills within the professional fields.

With our concept exclusively focused in the area of occupational safety, we not only guarantee the learning success of our customers, but also support the improvement and maintenance of their health.

The design of our courses was also based on legal guidelines and laws that are relevant to the respective topics.

To complete the package, we have developed and built in high-quality games so that the joy of learning is not neglected.