Work Safety

Effective and innovative digital solutions for safety and health at work.

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Learn in a playful way with Smart Games which supports the individual learning of contents and increase the intrinsic motivation for learning topics.


Interactive online training& SmartGames that enable a unique user experience.


More than 150 online training courses and SmartGames on the subject of occupational safety  and health protection at work.

Corona E- Learning

Discover our E- Learning course on rules of behaviour and recommendations for protection against the corona virus in the workplace in accordance with the SARS-CoV-2 occupational safety regulation.


Course license

Selected courses & SmartGames on the subject of occupational health and safety protection at a license rate.

E- Learning platform for companies

Set up of your internal E- Learning platform with more than 150 courses and SmartGames on the subject of occupational safety and health protection.

Virtual campus

Your all-in-one solution with a personalized learning platform and a wide range of courses, webinar/video conferences, dialogue functions between users and much more

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